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These decorative boxes can be personalized with decorative papers, embellishments, ribbons and more for a one-of-a-kind look. Follow the simple tips below to create your own box. They're perfect to use as a distinctive keepsake boxes or unique stationery sets. Or create an exquisite gift box for a special present. “Wrap” your attendant gifts in these boxes and your bridesmaids will have a special place to keep their things during the ceremony!

chainlink keepsake box

handmade paper
gift wrap
round hat box (assorted sizes
available at broadway paper.)


mod podge
x-acto knife
sponge brush

directionschainlink keepsake box

  • Measure the circumference (or distance around the box) & height of your box. Add 1 inch to the circumference and 1.5” to the height to determine the paper size for the outside of the box. For example, if your box has a circumference of 22” and is 7” in height, then your paper size would be 23 x 8.5"
  • After you have determined the size, cut a strip of your paper using your ruler and x-acto knife.
  • Apply mod podge to the outside wall of the box evenly with the sponge brush.
  • Center the paper on the box (paper will be hang over both edges of the box) and wrap the strip around the side of the box, smoothing down to adhere.
  • Cut the excess paper from the edge to the box in approximately 1” intervals creating wide tabs at both the top and bottom.
  • Glue each tab with mod podge using the sponge brush and fold over the top edge of the box and around to the bottom of the box.
  • Trace the bottom of box onto the remainder of your paper with a pencil and cut out with scissors.
  • Apply mod podge to the bottom of the box evenly with the sponge brush and apply your paper smoothing from the center to the edges.
  • If desired, you can also finish the interior of the box and/or the box lid in the same manner. For a fun effect, use a coordinating paper in a different design or a handmade on the outside and gift wrap on the interior!

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