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101 ways to use bwp gift wrap

Take a peek at our many creative ideas for using gift wrap in ways you never thought of before! From magnet board to magazine file, we've thought of everything to spruce up your everyday things into extraordinary pieces of art! {hey, just frame a piece of our gift wrap and you've got framed art!}

Imprintable Invites1.Make envelope liners
2. Use scraps for decorative card making
3. Cut down to size and use as a backing paper in your scrapbook
4. Create gift tags to match your presents
5. Laminate for personalized place mats
6. Line your dresser drawersImprintable Invites
7. Wrap a tin can and use as a storage cup for pencils and more
8. Adhere wrap to tag board with mod podge to create coasters
9. Wrap a bottle of wine for your own personalized label
10. Cover kraft boxes to make keepsake boxes
11. Cut the side off of a cereal box and then cover with your favorite gift wrap to create a one of a kind, and recycled, magazine holder
12. Cut strips of wrap & make a decorative chain link garland to decorate
13. Teach yourself origamiImprintable Invites
14. Cover a binder
15. Cover your child’s school books so they can go back to school in style
16. Punch wrap into fun shapes and attach for funky wall art
17. Cover the top of a side table
18. Line the back splash of a bookshelf
19. Cover a piece of wood with your favorite gift wrap and screw in hooks for a fun key hangerImprintable Invites
20. Cover a clip board for stylish note taking
21. Attach wooden drawer knobs with mod podge
22. Put a piece of gift wrap in your favorite photo coffee thermos
23. Make your own custom envelopes
24. Mat photos in a frame or photo album
25. Cover your favorite notebook
26. Cover a shoe box to keep your photos safe and organizedImprintable Invites
27. Cover an empty tissue box for a stylish way to store plastic bags from the grocery store
28. Create paper flowers
29. Fashion custom lamp shades
30. Make personalized party hats
31. Cut out letters and string together for a personalized party banner
32. Wrap a piece around a candle to give a votive some flare
33. Make custom labels for baking jars
34. Line kitchen shelves
35. Cover an old dresser drawer and hang on the wall for a cute shelf
36. Make a mobile
37. Spray mount to card stock for funky post cards
38. Laminate cards for reusable to-do lists
39. Better yet, put a magnet on the back for a reusable grocery list
40. Make custom party favors like pirate hats or fairy wands
41. Frame as pieces of art
42. Put in a locket necklace
43. Paper punch for fun confetti
44. Laminate to the back of your calling cardImprintable Invites
45. Cut a strip and adhere to a giant clip for cute desk top photo display
46. Cut a strip and wrap around your gift in place of ribbon
47. Cut out shapes and glue together with a toothpick in the center for cupcake toppers
48. Make your own clock (kits available at craft stores)
49. Wrap around a tin can for a candle holder
50. Make a custom plaque
51. Create a custom paper fan
52. Cut out one inch strips for napkin rings
53. Make decorative garland by folding the gift wrap back and forth and cutting out shapes
54. Wrap around a #2 pencil
55. Fold and make a special favor box
56. Cut out a small square to put in the cover of a Kolo photo album
57. Use in bookbinding
58. Cut out your favorite shape and hang from the Umbra Fotofalls
59. Make special name tags at parties
60. Use for collage material
61. Cover a kid’s lunchbox for a more grown up way to take your lunch to workImprintable Invites
62. over a bulletin board
63. Recover a jewel case for a mix CD
64. Use as a CD label
65. Tape pieces as labels for kid’s storage bins
66. Cut a paper band to wrap around stationary
67. Make paper lanterns
68. Cover a tower of hat boxes to organize kid’s toys or craft supplies
69. Make buttons and pins
70. Glue pieces to small wooden shapes and glue to bobby pins for fun hair accessories
71. Wrap towers of gift boxes to create coordinating centerpieces
72. Make your own decorative portfolio
73. Make paper airplanesImprintable Invites
74. Attach to a hat box with mod podge to keep cards safe at wedding receptions or parties
75. Cut out shapes and hang with clear string for a floating window decoration
76. Make pockets for your own library filing system
77. Cover plain file folders to make filing a bit more fun
78. Wallpaper an accent wall
79. Make funny masks for dress up
80. Roll around a toilet paper roll and pinch edges shut for a special candy holder
81. Tear up the gift wrap and make your own paper pulp; see what fun colors and patterns emerge from your hand made paper
82. Decorate mirrorsImprintable Invites
83. Glue to the bottom of wine glasses in place of wine tags
84. Make a bouquet of flowers that will last forever
85. Cut out small shapes and make your own jewelry
86. Glue to a plastic head band
87. Make a special gift by covering the back of a deck of cards with gift wrap
88. Fill a cardboard tube with rice and cover with your favorite gift wrap for a homemade rainmaker
89. Cover a bathroom window for more privacy without sacrificing style
90. Make a piñata with papier maché
91. Make personalized sayings or names for a room with mod podge, gift wrap, and kraft letters
92. Make a wallet or business card holder
93. Create cute pinwheels to decorate the yard for a backyard party
94. Laminate a piece with your contact information and tie to luggage with ribbon for an easy to spot luggage tag
95. Make your own decorative drink umbrellas
96. Create a one of a kind accordion photo albumImprintable Invites
97. Cover a magnet with gift wrap to dress up your refrigerator
98. Fold gift wrap to make pockets to organize mail or bills
99. Create ornaments to hang from trees as holiday decor
100. Give wrapping paper as a gift to create any of these things
101. Wrap a present {of course!}

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